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Shoe Cover Line
Shoe Cover LineThe shoe cover and bouffant cap line was invented and patented by James McLaughlin. Patent #ís 5,218,723 and 5,048,126. The automatic shoe cover line produced 400 completed shoe covers or caps per minuet. The only other automatic line in existence at the time could only produce 20 shoe covers per min. The competitive automated bouffant cap lines could only product about 10 caps per min. The patent rights and the prototype production line were sold to a medical products company. The line was upgraded and improved when production increased as well as a second line built. These lines are currently running and the products sold under several brand names. Product made on these lines can be purchased under the brand name of Aqua Trak shoe covers, sold by Chicopee.

The same equipment with change out parts also produced bouffant caps. The caps however were never accepted in the market and are not available.

The equipment shown in the photos are of the prototype line not the production line.