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Powered Cradle UnwindThe cradle unwind was developed to unwind materials that have poor or no cores. Rolls of insulation, roofing paper are examples of some of these materials. The roll of material is dropped into the cradle made up of powered rollers. These rollers are either driven by a motor with a control or pulled by the power of the line. The material is unrolled at little or no tension to prevent stretching of the materials. The speed of the rollers is controlled by a low tension dancer system or speed control. Since the rollers are surface driving the roll of material the speed will be constant in relation to the line speed. ACE has used this kind of unwind for unwinding insulation for automotive and jet fuel filter applications. one of the cradle unwinds was designed with a braked shaft arrangement above the cradle to allow the customer to run materials that have cores and need tension on the same line as coreless materials.