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Layup WheelThe lay up wheel is designed spread layers of material on a table for cutting. The most prevalent way to do this currently is to pull layers of material by hand or machine off of an unwind and run down the table with it. Cut the material and pull more layers down the table. Some spreaders carry the roll of material and lay it down going both directions. This is a slow process and takes up a lot of room.

The lay up wheel pulls material off of one or more unwinds at high speed and wraps it around arms. The entire lay is then cut off and pulled onto the table for cutting. The thickness of the material, number of layers wanted and the length of the lay are entered into the computer. The arms adjust to the proper length needed and the wheel starts. As each layer is added to the lay, the arms shrink by the thickness of the material so that when it is cut off all of the layers are the same length. When the operator enters the information and attaches the material the machine runs on full automatic without any operator attention until the lay is ready to be cut off.

A lay of fabric or other material with 300 layers 30 feet long can be made in less than 10 minuets with the edges and ends in alignment.