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The marking and embossing machine was designed for a customer that needed a machine for burning information and brand name into rolled paper sticks. A high speed automated machine was required for the large production volume anticipated. These requirements resulted in a machine that would burn the brand name into the sticks at a speed of 200+ per minute. The branding die is run at a temperature of 1,000 degrees F. The same machine without the red hot die would emboss identification and brand information onto round products at even higher speeds. A 2 minute video can be seen by clicking the play button on the screen.
The product is loaded into a inclined to feed the product to a series of rollers on a chain. The angle of the incline from the hopper to the machine feed is set so that only one product can be carried up the incline by the roller chain. There is a compressed air jet that aids in recycling any additional products that are carried up by the chain. The angle may be adjusted to cover a large variety of diameters of products. The roller chain can be changed out for much larger diameter products. The dies are made of tool steel and can be quickly changed for product changes.
The roller chain rollers are rolling at the same surface speed as the forward motion. When the product encounters the die, it is rolled across the face of the die to get a clean impression on the product. The impression can be made wrapped around the product. Die pressure is adjusted by air pressure regulators.
After the product has been branded or embossed, the roller chain discharges them either into a container or other packaging equipment. Standard packing equipment can accept product discharged onto its infeed conveyer for boxing or plastic wrapping.
Automated Converting Equipment can design a version of this equipment for your product.