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Flying Splice UnwindThe flying splice unwind shown in the photos was designed and built for a company that needed to supply a continuous supply of material to a process. The design had to be modified in order to fit it within the space that was available. The way the unwind operates is that the end of the new roll is attached to one of the rolls in an open nip. Transfer tape is applied to the material and the system is set on ready. When the end of the running roll pulls off of the core the nip closes and the start of the new roll is spliced to the tail of the running roll. The splice passes through the equipment and the turret is rotated.

The empty core is removed and a new roll is installed. The cycle is repeated until the system is shut down. There is no run time lost to roll changes. This unit uses our standard 3 inch Cam Chuck. The dancer with accumulator is used to reduce the shock load of roll changes. The dancer position controls the brake to ensure an even tension.