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Box TaperThe box taper was designed and built for a major cardboard box manufacturing company. The taper was used to apply the closure tape and tear tape to box blanks for UPS boxes.

The company was seeking the contract to supply UPS with their overnight shipping boxes. UPS required a qualification sample shipment of 1,000,000 boxes before they would sign a long term contract. The commercial machine that was available cost over $200,000 and had a 9 month delivery time. The company contracted us to have a machine designed and built quickly for a lower cost. We built the machine for less than $30,000 and delivered it in 6 weeks.

The company used the box taper and qualified for the contract. They later purchased the commercial machine and found that they could only get about 20 % more capacity than the box taper we built for them. They made changes to the taper and it is still running in another company plant.